Greater Boston Anti-Displacement Toolkit


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Mapping Power & Money
Finding data about your community
Using data & storytelling to make arguments
Identifying & evaluating policies
Identifying community strategies & tactics
Sharing our stories
AgitArte Art Toolkit
an extensive arts toolkit that provides step-by-step instructions on creating artistic posters as tools for social changeOpens in new window
All-In Cities Policy Toolkit
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Anti-Eviction Mapping Project Handbook
lists specific instructions on how to combine oral histories and data in organizing against displacementOpens in new window
Beautiful Rising: Power Mapping Tool
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Boston Displacement Mapping Project
combines maps and storytelling around displacement in BostonOpens in new window
Boston Indicators
Opens in new window
Bread and Puppet Theater
uses life-sized puppets as tools for advancing campaignsOpens in new window
delves deep into the world of home elder care between paid caregivers and their elderly clientsOpens in new window
Catalog of Administrative Data Sources for Neighborhood Indicators
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Community Toolbox (Chapter 3: Assessing Community Needs and Resources)
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Convince Me!
activity with videos to introduce the activity in English, Portuguese, and SpanishOpens in new window
DFA Training Academy: Power Mapping, Charting Strategic Relationships
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Data Center Power to Our People
participatory research guide to creating surveysOpens in new window
Data Therapy
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Dealing with Gentrification Toolkit
from Northeast Action TrainingOpens in new window
Design Sprint Activity Sheet
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Desplazada Film
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Discussion and Action Guide of The Whole Gritty City,
a documentary that offers a unique portrayal of New Orleans through the lens of marching band culture.Opens in new window
Greater Boston Community Land Trust
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How to Create Data Murals
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I Am Not My Pixels: Crazy 8s
website outlining a participatory process for using the Design Sprint activity as an organizing toolOpens in new window
Identifying and Evaluating Policies: Blank Worksheet
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Identifying and Evaluating Policies: Worksheet with Examples
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Jolt's Quinceañera at the Capitol
uses cultural norms as a tool to increase civic participationOpens in new window
Just Cause Eviction Ordinances, the Jim Brooks Community Stabilization Act
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Listening to the City Toolkit
highlights community research and action through sound and storyOpens in new window
Northeast Action Training: Power Analysis - Trainer - Training
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Organizing for Power, Organizing for Change Tools for Campaign Planning
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Our Homes, Our Future: How Rent Control Can Build Stable, Healthy Communities
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Priced Out, The Documentary
documents 15 years of gentrification in Portland, Oregon.Opens in new window
Public Narrative / Story of Self
is one framework for thinking about how to tell your personal story in a way that moves others into actionOpens in new window
Public Narrative Worksheet
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Research for Organizing
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Somerville Community Preservation Act
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Story Sharing: Fruit Images (to cut out)
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Story Sharing: Tree Image (24x24 size)
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Story Sharing: Tree Image (stencil)
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Story Sharing: Worksheet
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creates interactive maps combining stories and dataOpens in new window
Strategic Concepts in Organizing & Policy Education Power Mapping Slides
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The Area,
a five-year odyssey of a South Side Chicago neighborhood, where a multibillion dollar freight company is displacing more than 400 Black families.Opens in new window
Theater of the Oppressed NYC
is a theatrical tool addressing social justice issuesOpens in new window
US Census Academy
Opens in new window
Urban Institute Guide to Measuring Neighborhood Change to Understand and Prevent Displacement
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Working Films Community Screening Guide,
a handout offering general guidelines to organizations who do not typically host film screenings.Opens in new window
Working Narratives' How to Facilitate a Story Circle:
story circles are used in many traditions. Working narratives is an organization that facilitates story circles, a practice deeply rooted in the US SouthOpens in new window